Solid Wood reviews


Billy Lennox

Well, Stan & the boys did it. After ordering just after Christmas my bed finally arrived.
After all the fears of "Is this a scam" etc etc
I can confirm Stan & his team are not a scam
Stan & his team in my honest opinion have underestimated the power of social media as a marketing tool & have actually snowed themselves under with orders.
Basically all I can say is....... Hang in there...... Your stuff will come eventually & its is very worth the wait or should that be weight.
My God. This bed is solid all the way through & from what I can see is very well made. Only time will tell though but with that "Pass through the Generations" guarantee then whats to worry about.
Stan, thank You so much mate & I wish you every success in your business. I apologise again for threatening you with my unique solid wood bats. As I said earlier. I was very paranoid about this being a scam even though if it was just for a 10% deposit.
Stan is No Scam people
Get your orders in.
I will defo be ordering more furniture from him but I will not expect delivery soon after. Well worth the wait as i said.

Carol Mulhern

Hi Stan,
You asked for a photo of the bed, I've had it nearly a week now and its gorgeous, I love it

Solid Wood reviews
Fiona Mackinnon

Thank you again for a brilliant service told would be a month arrived today less than 2 weeks after ordering great delivery service bed built and guys are on way home thanks again

Solid Wood reviews
Janine Eden Riley

You can't really tell how big or beautiful our bed is from the picture. When I first saw it it took my breath away, literally. It's a work of art in real life and its super king big. We just love it. It's a treasured possession. Thank you.

Kate Holdsworth

Just had a little rearrange

Mitzi Trunch Tatman

Can not wait to dive on this bad boy...... Thanks so much

Solid Wood reviews
Solid Wood reviews
Solid Wood reviews
Mystic Tomato

Hi just wanted to say thank you so much for my bed and bedsides!!! Love them
Need to start saving for our next piece of furniture from you!!!

Tania Berry

We've just had our bed delivered and absolutely love it!!! Worth the wait and every penny!! I can't wait for the dining table to be delivered, cheers guys!

Julia Michelle Little

I have one, long time coming but lovely bed !

Solid Wood reviews
Mike Ferguson

Got a good deal on Saturday. Cheers

Solid Wood reviews



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